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Our Success

During our first legislative session, the Austin and district staff as well as myself were hard at work for the residents of House District 100.  We fought hard against hateful and regressive Republican-led bills, worked to pass our own bills behalf of everyday working class families, and brought back valuable resources to the district. 


Funds for the District

  • $151.6 million secured in the 2024-2025 Biennium budget

  • $102 million appropriated to construct the Texas Behavioral Health Center at UT Southwestern

  • $10 million to complete the Southern Gateway Park

Bills for the District

  • 6 Bills passed out of the Texas House of Representatives

  • 16 Bills Authored during the 88th session

  • 65 Bills Co-Authored; 16 were signed into law

  • 36 Bills Joint Authored; 4 were signed into law

  • 4 Bills Joint Sponsored; 3 were signed into law

  • 8 Bills Co-Sponsored; 6 were signed into law


Relief for the District

  • Providing $2 million in financial assistance to community and nonprofit organizations to study and provide solutions on housing displacement and gentrification issues

  • $5 million was appropriated to provide services to people reentering society from incarceration.

  • Secured over $20 million to assist local food banks to solve food insecurities

  • Provided $2 million from the TX Dept. of Agriculture to focus on urban food desert grants

  • Appropriated an additional $2 million to the Dept. of State Health Services to reduce and prevent to spread of HIV & STD's

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