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Watching my grandmother work as a healthcare provider for decades led me to dedicating my entire professional career to Community and Public Health. I believe healthcare is a fundamental right that MUST be afforded to all Texans, regardless of their zip code or income. I’m committed to ensuring that we expand Medicaid across the state, implement new and creative initiatives to address mental health and substance abuse, and restore abortion access and funding for reproductive healthcare.

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Public Education

I am a proud graduate of public education and I know how successful a child's future may be when they are rooted in a solid eduction.  I believe every student in should have access to a quality public education. We must support our school districts to create learning environments that benefit our students, teachers, faculty and neighborhoods. I’m committed to working with education champions and unions to increase access to Career and Technical Education, Early College High School, and Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM) programs, fully funding Pre-K programs and increasing teacher pay.

Jobs​ & Economy

Growing up, I saw the struggle of family members working multiple jobs just to make ends meet.  Still today, too many households in our community are forced to do the same. While Texas continues to promote corporate relocation, we must ensure that current Texans have full access to liveable wage employment opportunities and continue to support and expand our local small businesses, chambers of commerce, unions, and hardworking families.

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Voting Rights

When I was a child, my grandmother would take me with her to vote at to Harrell Budd Elementary every time the polls were open.  Now, 30 years later, I've had the honor to serve this location as an election judge so that I ensure everyone has the the right to vote. I believe our Texas Legislature should be finding ways to make it easier for working families, seniors and those with disabilities the opportunity to exercise their right to vote, not creating additional barriers that deter voting. I’m committed to expanding early vote hours, online voter registration, and increasing access to absentee voting.

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